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Delivering independence to UK Veterans through groundbreaking physical and psychological care.

Founded in 2012, Supporting Wounded Veterans provide six comprehensive pathways including sporting events, mentoring, pain management and employment to enable former UK servicemen and women, physically or mentally wounded, to move forward from rehabilitation to employment. 

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"Quite possibly the most frank and useful forum to address river pollution of the past 20 years"

This was the assessment of Sir Malcolm Rifkind who chaired the first SWV Rivers' Forum in May 2023 - bringing together a remarkable group to find better ways of solving the crisis facing the nation's rivers.

Uk Veteran John

"I started the year with no possibilities and ended the year with everything being possible."


Veteran battling with PTSD

SWV Veteran Help

I am a Veteran

We can help you to find ways to manage your physical and mental health​ through Sports Habilitation or Pain Management Pathways. We offer many comprehensive programmes to help Veterans, like yourself, move forward to a more positive future.


If you are looking for support, please get in touch. 

SWV Ski Buddies

Buddy Alice.jpg

Selection for the 2024 Sports Habilitation Ski Week Ski Buddies has begun!

Applications are open for keen skiers with strong empathy on the 2024 Sports Habilitation Ski Week. We need Buddies of all ages to help our Veterans get the most out of the week.

Click below for more information.

PTSD Trial

Therapy session

Supporting Wounded Veterans are working with King’s College London, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and NHS England on the first MDMA-assisted therapy in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) clinical trial to the UK.

Ocean Challenge 2024


The SWV Ocean Challenge is a fun, demanding, adrenaline-fuelled and competitive sailing event across five days of intensive training and one day of racing.

The Ocean Challenge will run from 9th - 16th June, competing in the Round The Island Race on Saturday 15th June 2024 .

Give the gift of a lifetime

Help us support wounded veterans and their families to recover from injuries, both physical and emotional

We rely on your kind donations to support our wounded veterans in the UK

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The six important pathways that aid Veterans in their rehabilitation back to independence -

Sports Habilitation

“With my walking stick, I’m an invalid, but on skis, I’m just another person.”


Sport is a proven, potent medium for confidence building. Adaptive skiing enables those with disabilities to level with those without in a way that few other sports can.

Pain Management

"If only I had attended this programme shortly after injury - it would have saved me years of pain and related anxiety. Thank you SWV for setting it up for me, it is going to have a hugely positive impact on my quality of life."

Women in a wheelchair talking on video call

We funded the UK's first Veteran Pain Management Programme and continue to deliver pain management courses.


We have found that successfully managing pain can reduce the barriers to employment for many Veterans.


“I have had five years of nothing but hospital visits and being told negative, and scary, things about what was going to happen to my life. This is the first time for a long time that I have been treated as a human being with the chance for a positive future. The boost to my confidence and self-belief has been massive.”


Veterans who have participated in Sports Habilitation or Pain Management Programmes are offered individual mentoring support.

Mentors may offer help with retraining, career change, setting up a business, or returning to employment.

Occupation & Employment

Finding full-time employment or meaningful occupation addresses what is for many the most crucial part of a person’s transition from military to civilian life.

Veteran Employment

Since we started our employment programme we have successfully found meaningful employment and training for over 90% of Veterans who engaged with SWV programmes.

Mental Health Support

Facing mental health battles can be hard, and there are many organisations that have the expertise and experience to help Veterans in need of mental health support. 

Mental Health Support

Here at SWV we offer Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions for Veterans on SWV pathways to help reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression and pain, supporting them to a more positive future. 

Veteran Support Network

"My whole experience with SWV has restored my faith in the human race and has pulled me out of a very dark place, if I can help you guys out in anyway I will with great pleasure."

Veterans Support Network

Peer support from those who have faced injury, illness and battled themselves and have completed SWV pathways for veterans.

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