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Steve's Story

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Steve's Story

Steve joined the British Army in 2000, commissioning into the REME after graduating from Sandhurst in December 2000.

In 2011, Steve suffered life changing injuries while serving in Afghanistan, leaving him with permanent mobility issues and PTSD and resulted in his medical discharge in 2014.

“My identity as an Army Officer was hugely important to me as it represented all of the values of integrity and service that I felt defined who I was. During the first few years after I left I was living in denial, just trying to hide my injuries from anyone because I felt such a huge sense of shame about no longer being able to be that man. I was lost, and eventually ended up suicidal and hospitalised”

Steve attended the Ski Week in 2017 and has been working as a Veteran Ambassador since.

“The ski week utterly changed my life. For the first time since leaving the Army I felt like I belonged to something bigger than me. It helped me realise I still had worth.”

Since the Ski Week Steve has managed to gain full time employment in the Professional Services industry with a leading property consultancy and has been able to adapt to, and learn to manage his injuries.

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