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Apply to be a Ski Buddy

Become a buddy

What is the role of a buddy?


The role of a buddy primarily is to enable their veteran gets the most out of the ski week. This entails:

  • Meeting their veteran in the morning

  • Making sure their vet has everything they need for the day

  • Ensure their veteran is comfortable with the plan for the day and where they need to be and when

  • Ensuring their vet gets on the bus up the mountain on time

  • Spend the day skiing with their vet

  • In the evenings, making sure they know where they need to be and at what time

  • Supporting them throughout the week and making sure they are happy

  • Overall assisting with the smooth running of the week


What we look for in a buddy?


  • Strong listening skills

  • Empathetic and compassionate

  • Self aware and proactive

  • Enjoys helping others and bring out the best in people

  • Able to fundraise

  • Good skiers

  • Fun!

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