What is the role of a buddy?


The role of a buddy primarily is to enable their veteran gets the most out of the ski week. This entails:

  • Meeting their veteran in the morning

  • Making sure their vet has everything they need for the day

  • Ensure their veteran is comfortable with the plan for the day and where they need to be and when

  • Ensuring their vet gets on the bus up the mountain on time

  • Spend the day skiing with their vet

  • In the evenings, making sure they know where they need to be and at what time

  • Supporting them throughout the week and making sure they are happy

  • Overall assisting with the smooth running of the week


What we look for in a buddy?


  • Strong listening skills

  • Empathetic and compassionate

  • Self aware and proactive

  • Enjoys helping others and bring out the best in people

  • Able to fundraise

  • Good skiers

  • Fun!


How do I get involved as a buddy?

In order to get involved as a buddy you will undergo an application process amongst other potential buddies. On the website there is an online form which you will need to complete. The next stage will be a personal interview with a member of one of the committee.

Do I need to have a military background to become a buddy?

A military background is not essential to effectively participate as a buddy. Buddies are from all backgrounds, jobs and ages thus providing veterans with the opportunity to meet a wide range of people to get advice and support from.

Why do you always go to Klosters, Switzerland is notoriously quite expensive?

The village of Klosters kindly provide hospitality for the charity for free or at a subsidised rate. Additionally, the nature of the pistes in Klosters are good for the veterans to ski and there is no heli-rescue in the area that may cause PTSD.

Will I get any free time skiing?

Unfortunately, not, but you will get plenty of skiing done with your veteran.

How much money will I need to raise to take part in the scheme?

To participate in the ski week, it is a necessity that all buddies’ costs (flights, food, equipment, etc) are covered to ensure all veterans can gain maximum output from the week. The minimum fundraising amount is approximately £1500.

Do buddy’s have to teach their buddy’s how to ski?

No. We have specialist instructors to help the veterans ski.

Do buddy’s have to help the veterans with any medical problems.

No. The SWV team has trained medical professionals with them during the ski week to help with the veterans medical needs.

What are some good ways to fundraise?

Buddies have the freedom to fundraise however they wish. A few suggestions of previous successful attempts include: writing to friends and family; posting on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat); cake sales and sponsored runs.

Can I become a mentor after being a buddy?

Many our buddies go on to become mentors. The process involves applying to becoming a mentor and completing the mentor training and then being assigned a veteran mentee.

What will the ski week entail?

The week will require a strong mental and physical attitude and a focused approach when supporting and encouraging veterans. In turn the week will be rewarding for both veterans and buddies. At the start of the week you will be partnered with a particular veteran in accordance to character and skiing ability. Often due to how pairing have been established, friendships are quickly formed. Veteran’s injuries vary so the role a buddy plays in supporting a veteran varies too. Great lunches will be provided daily, followed by more skiing in afternoons and delicious suppers in the evenings. The week will end on a high with the slalom ski race in fancy dress and a large prize giving dinner.

What lasting impressions/insights will the trip leave behind on buddies?

The trip will give you a greater understanding on perspective as well as the gain of many new friends with other buddies and veterans. The additional contacts gained from the week not only helps veterans establish employment links but also aids buddies’ network and meet new people.

Do I need to be a good skier?

You need to be able to ski to a certain standard, yet you do not need to be an expert skier. Your abilities will be matched with veterans of similar abilities.

The work and programmes of Supporting Wounded Veterans is funded entirely by donations, sponsorship and contributions. We sincerely appreciate any donation that you might be able to give and you can give in a number of ways, from sponsoring individuals, events, or projects as well as donations.

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