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Andy's Story

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Andy's Story

Covid was a tough time for all, the world had stopped spinning and businesses were dying left right and centre, mine included.

This led to me being homeless. Whilst sleeping rough I eventually realised I couldn't get myself out of the hole I was in alone, I approached the Veteran’s Agency, they could house me, but I had to give up what work I had still to do so - the abyss was in front of me!

Zoe stepped in and advised that if I could stay rough a little longer she could surely skip B and go direct from A to C and find me somewhere.. she did.

I was then referred by a friend to SWV as the above had really hit hard and my PTSD was becoming an ever increasing debilitation.

SWV, saved my life. In the last 18months I've been on the Sports Habilitation ski trip, got therapy to help me deal with my PTSD anxiety attacks, deal with the trauma and to see I'm not broken.

They have given me a Mentor, an amazing one at that, who has helped guide me, rationalise my thoughts yet let me set the pace.

The charity has also given me extra support within to help me have the requirementI needed to do a course, succeed and to look positively forward.

Don't get me wrong, I have my dark days, but they are just mere speed bumps now, not the mountains that led me facing the inevitable leap off a cliff end I was enduring.

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