22 November 2021

George Brooksbank

28 October 2021

SWV comments on Autumn Budget

Additional £5m for veterans in 2022-23

18 August 2021

Mental Health support for veterans

There is always someone to talk to and SWV is on hand to help

28 June 2021

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund grants £10,000 to SWV programmes

SWV is delighted with new £10,000 grant to support employment and mentoring pathways

10 November 2021

Christmas Auction Live

Bid on a perfect gift for Christmas

20 October 2021

The Garfield Weston Foundation grants £150,000 to SWV’s Pioneer Programme

Award will support the UK trials for MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD

12 August 2021

Veterans' Foundation grants £20,000 to Pioneer Programme

This award brings the MDMA-assisted therapy trials a step closer to UK veterans

24 May 2021

Funding gap of £725k threatens to delay MDMA-assisted therapy for those with PTSD

While US research is well underway, the UK programme is threatened by a funding shortfall

1 November 2021

SWV welcomes new veterans to Veteran Ambassador Board

Veterans supporting others with their recovery

3 September 2021

Work for SWV - Administrator vacancy

An exciting opportunity to join SWV as part of the team dedicated to the welfare of wounded veterans

10 August 2021

Applications open to veterans for 2022 Ski Week

Wounded veterans invited to join SWV's ninth Ski Week to Klosters in March 2022

5 May 2021

SWV responds to results of MAPS Phase 3 research and clinical trials

MDMA-assisted therapy Phase 3 trials in the US show 'very encouraging clinical outcomes'