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SWV Veteran Ambassador Board

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1 November 2021

The SWV Veteran Ambassador Board welcomes new members

SWV is delighted to announce three new veterans who have joined its Veteran Ambassador Board. 

The Board is a voluntary group of veterans who have participated in SWV programmes and now advise the charity on trends, challenges, and perspectives from the wounded veteran community.

All Board members have experienced leaving military service and due to injury or illness understand the barriers that exist to be able to successfully transition to civilian life, while managing good physical and psychological health.

Created in 2016, the Board meets twice per year and has 22 members, with a further five in associate ambassador roles. The Board’s experience is drawn from across the armed forces community, including Royal Navy and Royal Marines, British Army and Royal Air Force. Members also provide peer support and advice to new veterans joining SWV programmes to help them maximise the opportunities across Sports Habilitation, pain management and improved mental health.

Veterans, Tracy Wood, Trish Lawson and Stephan Van Niekerk were invited to join at the Board’s October 2021 meeting.

SWV Ambassador, Martin Hewitt who chairs the VAB said: “I’m delighted to welcome Tracy, Trish and Stephan to the Veteran Ambassador Board. The VAB is a valuable, collegiate advisor to the team to ensure SWV’s support meets the needs of veterans and stays close to the challenges they face in civilian life. The SWV VAB works with the charities committee and trustees to help shape the design of new support programmes and frequently reviews the performance standards of existing services.”

Gilly Norton, CEO and Founder of Supporting Wounded Veterans said: “We always wanted to make sure that veterans’ experiences steer and shape the programmes to best meet their needs. We are grateful for the Veteran Ambassador Board for their time, expertise and commitment to helping others.”

Veteran Ambassador Board

  • Bilal Alzalam

  • Stuart Balfour

  • Martin Beaney

  • John Boe

  • Spencer Bull

  • Carl Canavan

  • Mark Dean

  • Arron Dindyal

  • Richard Gamble

  • Ben Graveston

  • Martin Hewitt

  • Ricky Huntley

  • Ryan Knight

  • Trish Lawson

  • Harry Long

  • Lee Manley

  • Steven Reynolds

  • John Tyrer

  • Stephan Van Niekerk

  • Martin Wade

  • Jez Waite

  • Tracy Wood

Associate Ambassadors

  • Ed Addington

  • David OMahoney

  • Sean Rose

  • Dave (Scotty) Scott

  • Del Spry

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