Veterans' stories

John's story

"I love nothing more than helping people, even more so if they're veterans"

John's story

"I started the year with no possibilities and ended the year with everything being possible."

Del's story

“I stopped thinking about the negatives and realised I could look forward to the future.”

Trish's story

"EFT has enabled me to have a tool to help me calm down in stressful situations."

Martin's story

"SWV, the mentors and the pain management reviews have made such a difference to my recovery."

John's story

"Without these awesome people I dread to think where I would be. They really do care."

Natalie's story

"My mental health is the best it’s been in a very long time. I now feel that I have the emotional tools to maintain it."

Anna's story

"How can you not smile when you are in the mountains with sunshine and beautiful panoramas?"

Nick's story

"If you want to change there are great people at SWV and the Pain Management team to help you do it."