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Veteran Support Network

"My whole experience with SWV has restored my faith in the human race and has pulled me out of a very dark place, if I can help you guys out in anyway I will with great pleasure."

Family support

We run a family support weekend after the Ski Week to introduce the spouses or partners to each other as their own support network, and also to meet the other veterans and mentors. We also organise an annual cricket match for all family members to attend including children. 

Veteran Ambassador Board 

Our Veteran Ambassador Board enables veterans to be represented on what they feel the charity sector should be providing for their ongoing care. Ambassadors are wounded veterans who have been through an SWV programme. They are role models and assist SWV with fundraising events, wounded veteran awareness and inspirational speaking at schools, community groups and projects. The Ambassador Board meets quarterly and liaises directly with the Executive Committee. These meetings cover updates on the progress of the charity and its veterans, a review of SWV’s Programmes, and the Ambassadors also take the lead on the Regional Veteran Representative Group.

Regional support 

Some injured Veterans who have been through our programmes volunteer to join the SWV Regional Veteran Representative (RVR) Group, a support network for all SWV veterans. The RVRs support other veterans with welfare issues ranging from form-filling and guidance through the housing, benefits and pensions maze, to how to get the best support from their GP or Mental Health Worker. This is a volunteer role and the support the RVRs give to their peers is free.


SWV also gives guidance and support to the wives/partners and families of our Veterans, who are often overlooked in veteran rehabilitation. This could involve simply providing a listening ear or recommending other specialised charities.

Watch Ambassador Arron Dindayl's introduction to the Veteran Support Network

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