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I live in northern ireland, originally from South africa


Where are you from:

Two Truths One Lie:

*I completed 12 hours burpees for Guinness World record

*I am passionate about cooking

* I love competing

What Would you like to get out of the Ski Week:

I am looking forward to meeting like minded people who are all in the same situation or who have been. I am looking to get me back

I served in the Royal artillery for 12 years before being medically discharged. I never had any other plans in life than being in the military. Since being medically discharged I was guided into a career that I would find a new passion for by my wife which involved helping people.
I now currently run a semi personal training studio with my wife currently helping people get back on their feet again and moving and enjoying life again. ( something that I should take a leaf out my own book for). I love setting myself really big tasks to focus on and to always test myself

A little about myself.

The work and programmes of Supporting Wounded Veterans is funded entirely by donations, sponsorship and contributions. We sincerely appreciate any donation that you might be able to give and you can give in a number of ways, from sponsoring individuals, events, or projects as well as donations.

Supporting Wounded Veterans

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