Simon Gammell



Dummer, a small village between Winchester and Basingstoke in Hampshire


Where are you from:

Two Truths One Lie:

1. At a Regimental dinner in London, the Duke of Edinburgh came up to me, and upon noticing my newly grown beard, announced to those present that I should "remove that shabby effort sharpish". 2. I decided to impress my now wife by inviting her to come bungy jumping on our first date. 3. In keeping with my Danish ancestry, I was weened on 'Gamel Dansk', translated as 'Old Danish" and a traditional bitter liqeuer made up of 29 different herbs and spices and the second best selling spirit in Denmark today.

What Would you like to get out of the Ski Week:

From the Virtual Ski Week, a chance to get to know individuals prior to the trip in 2022 and understand what can we done to help for the remainder of 2021. From the Ski Week itself, the chance to cement these relationships and build long term ones.

Currently not working thanks to Covid but have a few interesting opportunities up my sleeve so with a fair wind, a bit of persistence and a dose of luck, I hope to be back in mainstream employment in the not too distant future. I spent 7 years in the Army, with the Grenadier Guards, and left in 1996 after Options for Change. Since then I have worked in the commercial real estate world, specifically the office interior sector, advising and helping corporate occupiers redesign and relocate to new buildings. I have a strong BD and PM background and enjoy working closely with my clients and guiding them through what can be a pretty complicated journey.

When not working, I love being on the water, sailing or on a RIB, playing tennis, golf and cricket, walking the dogs and obsessing about the grass on my lawn. I have three donkeys and 4 chickens - they don't go near the lawn. My two grown up children are just about allowed to.

I am learning ballet to fundraise which is certainly an interesting experience...not my idea, my wife's, who went to the Royal Ballet School many years ago. It has certainly raised a few eyebrows amongst my friends and if I get one more request to dance in a pink tutu...

A little about myself.

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