Narendra Gurung



I live in Bordon ,Hampshire. I am originally from Nepal.


Where are you from:

Two Truths One Lie:

I was once a drug user.
I have spent a night with a Ladyboy.
I am a quick learner.

What Would you like to get out of the Ski Week:

I never had a Ski class before. So, this Virtual Ski class sounds quite interesting and fun to me. I hope I will be learning a lot of skills. Before we actually get there to do all things in real, we will be given some basic lessons and ideas on how to start. Now that I have been selected, the excitement level is really high. Can’t wait for these classes and finally to be actually there to do it in real.

I am currently unemployed.
However, I have been planning to learn some courses that would help enhance my skills.
I wanted to learn some forex trading but the course was quite expensive.
I went for a class and then had to drop as it was unaffordable for me.
I recently realised that I am quite keen about renovating properties.
My partner recently bought a property and I helped her with almost all the renovation. It was quite interesting.
If someday, I have enough to invest in buying old properties so that I can renovate and sell them, I will move into that market.

A little about myself.

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