Marcella Hanlon



I live in Aylesbury as my husband had been posted to RAF Halton. I’m originally from Eastbourne (East Sussex)


Where are you from:

Two Truths One Lie:

I was about 3 years of age. My mum had got the bits she needed from B & Q and was cuing up to pay at the check out.
I said to my mum “I need the toilet”. She said “there isn’t any toilet in here for you to go, just wait and as soon as I’ve paid we will go to McDonald’s and you can go there.
I was soooooo sure I had seen some toilets around, so went off to find one.
My mum was horrified and embarrassed to see what I had left in the display toilet.

I got married at the top of a mountain in Austria.

In 2010 I qualified for the British Power Lifting team.

What Would you like to get out of the Ski Week:

At the moment I’m not too sure how SWV can help but I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and having some good conversations, as working from home/not working ish/the covid situation it becomes pretty boring just sitting at home.

At the moment I am self-employed, however not doing much due to the current situation and as I’ve not been trading for long enough I don’t meet the government help.
I have been applying for jobs since January, looking at PA or property management roles.
Hobbies are cooking lush food, aspiring to get back into outdoor sport and watching the motor GP with my Dad

A little about myself.

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