Meet the 2021 Veterans


Jarrod Denton


I work for a UXO risk mitigation company. Previously worked overseas as a contractor.

Sean Hemans


Currently I am not working, since the pandemic I have decided to do something wasn’t quite sure what that would be, so I went searching because I can’t just not do nothing sitting around all day so I’ve got involved in the stock market investing and day trading ,I have lost money, and I’ve made Buck half of what I have lost but I’m getting better 😊

Wayne bass


Not employed so to speak, but volunteer at a car wrapping company and a resteration and car customize shop.

Andy Burns


No full employment for nearly 3 years. Before Covid I was volunteering in Conservation in West Africa (Anti Poaching) and Humanitarian work in Central Africa. I would like to gain paid employment in this field or possibly leading or supporting commercial expeditions overseas or Adventure therapy for injured/disadvantaged people.



Unemployed and been told am unable to continue with previous career. Unsure as to what I can and want to do and would love help with inspiration and ideas. Have a couple of ideas for own business but also want to explore any other possible ideas that could lead to a happy, fun and fulfilling life/career



I am not currently employed but I have completed training as a florist. I enjoy walking and being outdoors. I am currently renovating my home which is 400 years old.

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