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Our story

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We deliver independence to wounded veterans through groundbreaking physical and psychological care

Founded in 2012, we provide six comprehensive pathways including sporting events, mentoring, pain management and employment to enable former UK servicemen and women, physically or mentally wounded, to move forward from rehabilitation to employment. 

We also fund and promote innovative processes and research designed to facilitate, for its beneficiaries, the transition from military to civilian life.

We are currently funding research into MDMA-assisted therapy for the treatment of severe PTSD in veterans through our Pioneer Programme.

Our six programmes aid veterans in their rehabilitation back to independence




Occupation & Employment

Mental Health

Veteran Support Network

Supporting Wounded Veterans focuses on six elements of rehabilitation, each critical in a veteran's transition from military discharge to enduring, meaningful civilian life.

SWV is committed to aiding the mental and physical health journeys for our veterans and those closest to them.

SWV timeline
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