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Wednesday 3rd March - Sunday 7th March


The SUPPORTING WOUNDED VETERANS SKI CHALLENGE is another innovative and exciting way in which we support the rehabilitation of medically discharged veterans back into employment. We do this with a fun, adrenaline-fuelled weekend in Switzerland that gives our veterans an unparalleled opportunity to meet members of the business community, understand more about the corporate world and exchange experiences. The weekend is also a critical part of our annual fundraising. The event is organised and managed by a team of Vet Reps who are veterans who have benefited from SWV programs and volunteer their time to benefit SWV.


During the Ski Challenge participants compete with and against our veterans; the challenge is designed to ensure that able-bodied and disabled skiers compete on equal terms. You do not have to be of, or anywhere near, Olympic standard to take part! On the other hand, don’t think for a second that, just because a veteran uses adaptive ski techniques, they will be easy to beat. The long weekend involves outstanding hospitality. There will be exhilarating skiing events such as The Giant Slalom, and The Marathon Challenge (more below) but perhaps equally important, there will be the opportunity to listen and relate stories and experiences. Finally, the chance to end the week on a high with time to ski at your leisure.


The programmes run by SWV are made possible through our amazing sponsors and individuals who take part in fundraisers. The Ski Challenge enables SWV to offer a unique programme of support. The success of the event speaks for itself; in 2020, 91% of veterans who engaged with the charity’s events are either in occupation, training or employment. Some decided they needed more clinical treatment before returning to work. The Ski Challenge makes this possible.


The Ski Challenge is made up of two days of competitive skiing leading to the crowning of the Ski Challenge champions at a Gala dinner on Saturday night.



The Marathon is not only a great way to explore the Parsenn ski area but is a fun competitive challenge involving strategy, planning, skill, cunning and quite a lot of stamina. The winner is the team that skis the most kilometres whilst still completing a series of cerebral challenges.

Marathon Challenge


The Slalom Race is more adrenalin focused with the winning team having the fastest aggregate time.

Slalom Race


Racing Ski Challenge is when teams will be designated a veteran captain and will complete in a series of races and challenges for an opportunity for veterans and challengers to get to know each other whilst still competing to become victorious.

Racing Ski Challenge

P1050161 (2).JPG

The Ski Challenge Champions will be awarded the Ski Challenge Cup and this decision will be based on the best combined result from The Marathon and The Giant Slalom.

Ski Challenge Champions



Morning- Conference Read More Here

Evening- Competitors arrive. Welcome drinks and dinner. Briefing of the events of the weekend.


Morning- Ski Marathon on the Parsenn Mountain.


Afternoon- Marathon Ends at Kaffe Klatsch

Evening- Dinner with talks from Veterans about their experiences. 


Morning- Ski Slalom on the Parsenn Mountain.


Afternoon- Ski Challenge on the mountain with a Veteran

Evening- Dinner with Prize Giving


Morning- Departure or Ski at leisure.


An Inspiring Experience

During the three days, inspiring, motivational and inspiring stories and experiences will be shared by veterans and members of SWV. It is also an excellent way to learn about new ways to support the charity or to become a mentor to a veteran. In addition to supporting SWV, the Ski challenge is an excellent workplace retreat and networking opportunity because of the wide range of challengers from all over the UK and world.

What is in it for you and your business or organisation? The Ski Challenge offers a fantastic opportunity for people to explore their own boundaries by interacting with people who have stretched theirs, sometimes overstretched them to their own detriment in the service of their country. The Ski Challenge is a fun event that allows the business community and individuals to contribute to the work that SWV does. Combined with the SWV Conference the event ticks many business objectives, such as team building, personal development, decision making and horizon-broadening. Everyone may not be declared a winner but certainly everyone benefits in one way or another. When you plan your next top team away day, consider how many goals you will meet and then think about joining us in Klosters.


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