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SWV Rivers' Forum

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Why SWV?

Supporting Wounded Veterans’ mission is to enable wounded Veterans - injured, ill or battling - to be supported and guided in their return to employment. All our strategy pillars are designed to help our Veterans get back to society in good or better shape than when they first came to us using various support pathways. Involvement in these programmes helps to rebuild confidence, and give back a sense of purpose - something that is often missing since leaving the Armed Forces.

The Rivers' Forum is not only an important event to work towards solutions for the UK's river pollution problem, but will also provide training and employment opportunities for Veterans within the conservation and river sector. One of SWV's main support pathways - The Occupation, Training & Employment Pathway - supports Veterans back out into employment with guidance and advice along the way. The Rivers' Forum will provide unique opportunities for those Veterans who wish to form a new career path in the conservation and rivers sector, while helping to fight the river pollution problem as well. 

There are some 1500 discrete river systems in the United Kingdom comprising over 200,000 km of watercourses. Only 14% of England’s rivers meet good ecological status, with only one river given safe swimming accreditation. Scotland is the only country within the United Kingdom where over 50% of its rivers meet good ecological health. To tackle the issues of pollution there is not one “cure-all” and particularly no easy alternatives for some of the problems. However, trying to avoid working in silos and realising that working better together will give much more impetus and strength to finding solutions.

The treatment of our nation’s waterways is potentially the next biggest battle to be faced down by our Veterans. The charity is convening the Forum to design and implement a plan to be used throughout the four nations and involves Veterans in the planning, logistics and implementation of the strategy, helping to open doors to more opportunities for Veterans, helping them to rebuild a new career path, as well as giving them back a sense of purpose.

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