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Pain Review

"The Pain Review was hugely beneficial to get expert input. The advice to my GP regarding my prescription medication was very helpful and it was good for me to better understand the pain cycle and its impact."

We know pain can seriously affect your ability to lead an independent life. That's why SWV offers UK Veterans free one-to-one consultations with a qualified pain consultant. 

The 45-minute online consultation with a consultant specialist will review how you currently manage your pain, including your medication, and offer advice and/or guidance as to where you could seek further support. 

Who can attend a consultation?


Former UK Armed Forces Service PersonnelRegular and Reserve service, who are suffering with chronic pain. 


What can I expect? 


  • A team who understands Veterans and the types of pain and injuries you may have,

  • 45-minute online, confidential conversation with a qualified pain consultant,

  • Opportunity to discuss your pain management history and ask questions about your medication, 

  • Post-consultation follow-up letter which you can take to your GP,

  • Where appropriate, recommendations to other SWV pain management pathways. 

How To Book 


Complete the application form or if you have further questions email Martin Beaney

All you need is your proof of service to apply.

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