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Veterans Foundation

Veterans Foundation

With grateful thanks to the Veterans' Foundation for their recent grant which will help us carry out research about PTSD.

The Veterans' Foundation has been set up to help fund charities and other charitable organisations that are helping serving and former members of the Armed Forces, and their dependents, who are in need.

The charities and other organisations the Veterans' Foundation has helped include those tackling the challenges of mental and physical injuries, homelessness, unemployment, and children’s loss of parents while serving and remembrance.

John, a medically discharged veteran, joined SWV's programmes in 2017:

John joined the Army at the tender age of 16 in September of 2003. He attended the Army Foundation College with little or no understanding of what to expect and joined the King's Regiment in Catterick Garrison in 2004.

After a tour in Iraq, he realised he wasn't the same person who had gone out there 7 months previously: he became restless, struggling with flashbacks, nightmares and night terrors.

Medically discharged in 2017, John was lost and unemployed when SWV met him. We took him to Switzerland for our rehabilitation Ski Week. During this trip, he regained his confidence, met like-minded veterans and made contacts. Through those contacts, his civilian life began and he has since established a successful career.

With the help of the Veterans foundation, we can continue to help wounded veterans like John discover a rich and fulfilling life after service.

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