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Online support and resources


In this video, Clare talks through the benefits of meditation and introduces how it works and can benefit your life.

An 8-min guided meditation with Carolina

A 60-min presentation on Mindful Self Compassion by Liam, an ex-forces psychiatrist from King's College London

A 10-min guided meditation specifically for members of the armed forces and their families 

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Mindful Self Compassion Starter pack

A pdf guide on how to use mindful self compassion in your daily lives.

Self Care and Relaxation Starter Pack

Easy tips and techniques for better self-care and feeling more relaxed day-to-day.

Resilience through the Pandemic

This pdf document aims to provide evidence-based, self-help information and tips for getting through the coronavirus pandemic, based on psychology, neuroscience, resilience research and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Columbia Online Veteran Transition Course

An online course provided by Columbia University with useful tips for veterans on how to transition to the civilian workplace. 

COVID:19 support

Register as Extremely Vulnerable

If you are a person with a medical condition that makes you vulnerable to coronavirus then register yourself as Extremely Vulnerable to gain help with various services, for example, food deliveries.

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