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Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund grants £10,000 to SWV programmes

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28 June 2021

SWV is delighted with new £10,000 grant to support employment and mentoring pathways

Since 1803 Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund has brought together the Lloyd’s insurance market to support veterans and their families with the current strategic focus on supporting causes that enable veterans to make a positive transition to civilian life. Aware of the impact that the pandemic has had on the charity sector, and especially on veterans and the charities that support them, Lloyds Patriotic Fund invited charities supporting the military community to apply for grants of up to £10,000.


Following a successful application, we are proud and grateful to announce that Supporting Wounded Veterans has received a £10,000 grant from the Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund.


The grant will be used to support two of our Veteran Pathways programmes and the activity they undertake. Our Mentoring programme pairs veterans with trained mentors who provide help with professional and business matters, and with personal challenges. They assist in identifying goals, and tackling professional or personal barriers.


Our Occupation, Training and Employment programmes works with veterans and assists them in finding meaningful employment and occupations. The programme enables veterans to works with one of our professional contractors on tailor-made job matching as well as giving assistance with writing CVs, interview techniques and arranging contracts. Together, we work at finding an occupation that suits an individual’s specific needs and skillset.


Gilly Norton, Chief Executive of Supporting Wounded Veterans, said: 

“We are very grateful to the Lloyd's Patriotic Fund for recognising the importance of mentoring and employment support to wounded veterans. This new grant will help us to continue to support former servicemen and women who want to regain their independence after leaving service.”

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