Curtis Adams (Mr) Business Network

Oliver Bleeker (Mr) Website, Social Media, Young Committee, Ski Events

Kate Bright (Miss) Events & Ski Challenge

Ron de Jong (Mr) Member without Portfolio

Rachael Dickens (Miss) Medical, Website, Ski Week

Frances (Tuft) Dobson (Mrs) Events (UK)

Anna Gage (Mrs) Spring into Action

Caroline Gillespie (Mrs) Mentoring

Christel Labes (Mrs) Events (UK and Switzerland)

Rupert Legge (The Hon) Member without Portfolio

Liam Modlin (Mr) Veteran Mental Health

Christina Muller (Mrs) Mentoring

James Palmer-Tomkinson (Mr) Strategy & Ski Challenge

Sally Ramsay Patrick (Miss) Events & Ski Week

Emma Resouly (Mrs) Events & Ski Challenge

Bella Seel (Miss) Ski Challenge & Events

Carol Winkler (Mrs) Fundraising



Bart Borchardt (Mr) Buddy Lead
George Brooksbank (Mr) COO
Peter Flynn (Mr) Military Network
Ed Hynes (Mr) CFO
George Littler (Mr) Governance
Rikki Jacout (Mrs) Mentoring & Veteran Network 
Zizi Mason (Mrs) Skihabilitation, PMP, OTE & Veteran Network
Abigail Rowe (Mrs) Fundraising
Gilly Norton (Mrs) Founder and CEO
Nick Wiszowaty (Mr) Communications



Our Boards of Trustees are responsible for the overall control and strategic direction of the charity to ensure we continue to reach our aims and objectives. They meet regularly during the year to consider, determine and review our strategies and policies, and to receive reports from senior management. 
All our Trustees work in an unpaid, voluntary capacity. The Executive Group meets monthly and is responsible for the day to day management of the charity. The Group produces financial and operational reports for the Board of Trustees together with recommendations for the continued operation of the charityThe Executive Group are retained by the charity and do not hold any voting powers.


General Sir Nick Carter KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen


Frank Akers-Douglas (Mr)   

James Charrington (Mr)  

Philip Howell (Mr)

The Right Hon Lord Hamilton of Epsom

John Kirkwood OBE (Colonel, Retired)


Martin Hewitt (Captain)




The Junior Committee are a group of young Veterans, ski buddies, and others who are involved in the Charity. The organisation acts as a support mechanism for the principal Supporting Wounded Veteran Committees. Their aim is to introduce the charity to young people and spread the word as to how SWH’s work impacts so positively on the lives of those who have lost their jobs and their confidence as a direct result of the sacrifices they have made for us. Ski Buddies and other volunteers are embraced by the Junior Committee and annual events are organised by the Junior Committee as awareness and fund-raisers.




Arron Dindayl
Ben Graveston

Bilal Alzalam

Carl Canavan
Dave OMahoney
Dave Scott
Del Spry 

Ed Addington
Harry Long

Jez Waite

John Boe

John Tyrer

Lee Manley

Mark Dean

Martin Beaney
Martin Hewitt
Martin Wade

Richard Gamble

Ricky Huntley

Ryan Knight
Sean Rose
Spencer Bull
Steven Reynolds

Stuart Balfour