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Veteran Ski Week 2024

Our annual Ski-habilitation Week returned to Klosters this March, 2024

Veteran Ski Week 2024

Ski Week participants 2024

Event Date

4 - 10 March 2024

This year's Ski-habilitation week saw 22 Veterans travel out to Klosters, joined by 17 supportive Ski Buddies, to take part in this restorative week.

The Ski-habilitation week is a programme set in place for Veterans who are living with injuries, illnesses and challenges that impact their everyday life.

This week acts as a natural 'reset' for Veterans to link into a support network, to access further help and guidance along with pulling together with other Veterans as they undertake this next stage of rehabilitation.

Due to injury and illness, and learning to live with new health challenges many Veterans understandably need extra support and guidance - this is where linking into SWV support pathways, such as the Ski-habilitation week - can be so beneficial.

Over the course of this year's Ski-habilitation week all 22 Veterans, with a variety of different illnesses, injuries and health challenges, progressed really well growing in confidence, strength and positivity. At the end of this supportive week Veterans are linked in with their own Mentor - a person who is there to help them set goals, to support and offer guidance helping them to a brighter future. Veterans can also link into other support networks too, helping them to address pain issues, manage their mental health and to find the next step on their new career pathway.

Thank you to all who were involved in this year's Ski-habilitation week, it is the hard work and dedication of so many incredible people that make this week extra special. From the Buddies to the Vet Reps, the medical team to the instructors, the SWV team to the lunch team - everyone embraces the week with enthusiasm and positivity, putting this important week in place to support the Veterans.

If you are interested in joining us on the next Ski Week then please comple the application form online.

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