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Ski-habilitation Week 2025

Come and join us!

Ski-habilitation Week 2025

Event Date

17th - 25th March 2025

The Ski-habilitation Week is a transformative week for Veterans who are learning to live with injury, illness and deeper battles. Veterans face very challenging times which can often lead to periods of isolation and a general sense of losing their way as they try and navigate the transition into civvy street.

Time in the mountains can not only be therapeutic but this week can also be a turning point for many Veterans as they rediscover their confidence and a sense of purpose as they tackle Ski-habilitation Week.

During the week Veterans are not only supported by the SWV Team and the Medical Team, but there are Ski Buddies on hand too. The Buddies are there to assist each Veteran helping them to get the most out of this fantastic week.

Veterans who attend often have had little or no support so far so we understand that there is often apprehension around applying for a support programme such as this. We see Veterans with a whole host of physical and mental health challenges and support accordingly. Out in Klosters there is adaptive ski equipment available for all of those who need it, along with instructors who are experienced in teaching all abilities and have specific training in teaching adaptive skiing too.

So if you are a Veteran and you are interested in finding out more then please email or follow the link below...

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