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Tuesday 7 December

Watch the 2020 Concert

SWV Carol Concert 2020 from the Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, London

“We have just been to heaven for an hour! What a lovely, moving and life enhancing concert”

We are SO delighted with how many of you joined us for our virtual carol concert. At last
count, over 750 families and friends have enjoyed our wonderful cast of singers, readers,
veterans and soloists. We have received so many lovely comments matched by equally
lovely (and generous) donations and we cannot thank you enough!

If you were unable to join us on the night, please do enjoy the concert here. If would like to
donate to our concert fundraising total, please do so via the SWV site.

We could not have created our evening without the brilliant GL Productions team, led by
Gerry Lewis, who donated their time and skills to SWV for free! It is this kind of generosity
that captures the spirit of all our supporters and we cannot thank you enough. Our aim is
always to make sure that as much of your money as possible goes directly to our Veterans
and our rehabilitation programmes, which is why everyone who donates their time, energy
and effort is so incredibly important to us in achieving this goal.

We are so excited to announce that thanks to your generosity, we have reached (and indeed
surpassed) our Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020 target of £40,000. Thank you to everyone
who made the effort to support us via this amazing match-funding platform.

Our fantastic SWV Christmas Auction runs until 9pm on Wednesday 16 th December. The lots
include holidays, clothes, beauty, action, adventure – there really is something for everyone,
even those who are most difficult to buy presents for, so make this Christmas an SWV

Thank you once again from our Veterans and from everyone at SWV– we really couldn’t do
it without you.

Happy Christmas!
Gilly, Liz, Tuft, Nikki, Minnie, Alison, Sally, Polly, Emma and everybody else at SWV

“Wonderful voices and great choice of carols and readings.  The church looked so beautiful,
all the garlands and the clusters of candles shedding their magical light”



Welcome to our fourth annual Supporting Wounded Veterans' Carol Concert and thank you so much for supporting us this year of all years.  I wish that we were able to meet up all together, but we so hope that you enjoy our Concert at home, hopefully surrounded by your loved ones.  


Any funds that we raise tonight will enable SWV to continue with our unique programmes of support for our Veterans, with the aim of helping those in need to regain their independence in civilian life via our Occupation, Training and Employment (OTE), Mentoring and Pain Management programmes. 


Our success speaks for itself; 93% of the Veterans who have engaged with us are back into OTE. As one Veteran writes further on in the programme, ’you are never injured once’.  The requirement for treatment after complex trauma injury goes on and on and on, with multiple operations, and often after years of being at Hedley court and years of battling with PTSD.  But, with the right help, people can overcome extraordinary hurdles and be an inspiration to us all. 

By watching our concert tonight, you are helping the charity to continue to support as many Veterans as we can, in all aspects of civilian life, and to help us initiate important research studies at King’s College on new treatments for those who have fought for their country.

This year has been particularly challenging for so many, and this includes many Veterans.  SWV has been working hard to support those most in need throughout this year and has adapted to new ways in which to do this remotely, which we will continue to do into 2021 and beyond.


Once again, we are taking part in The Big Give which enables some donations to be doubled in size. This was very successful last year and we hope to raise even more money this year.

A huge thank you from all of us at SWV and we wish you a very Happy Christmas. 



Gilly Norton
Founder and CEO, Supporting Wounded Veterans



This has been a difficult year for everyone. We are living through extraordinary times. Our way of life has been significantly challenged, there has been considerable uncertainty and many people have suffered. One can only imagine though what it must be like for those veterans of recent campaigns for whom life is a struggle in normal times. 

Many of these veterans have made remarkable sacrifices on behalf of our country and as they have transitioned to civilian life, and left behind the camaraderie of Service life, the physical, mental and emotional scars of battle are being exposed. 

Supporting Wounded Veterans is a very special charity that has a rare understanding of these challenges and a genuinely innovative approach to defeating them. Thank you for your support. 


General Sir Nicholas Carter KCB CBE DSO

Patron, Supporting Wounded Veterans


We would like to say an ENORMOUS thank you to Gerry Lewis Productions who filmed our carol concert for us. Gerry and Rob donated their time, energy and creativity to SWV and we cannot express how much we appreciate their support (and patience!) over the past few months.


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